The Best Season for Asphalt Paving

The Best Season for Asphalt Paving

Perhaps you require the sealing of a parking lot, the repair of a driveway, or the expansion of your business, demanding the addition of more sidewalks and parking lots. Whatever is the purpose of your annual paving project, there is undoubtedly an ideal time to complete it.

J Keen Construction LLC is the best in asphalt paving Baltimore and one of the most common inquiries we receive concerns around the timeframe of asphalt paving works. Customers who are interested in paving projects frequently question- the ideal time of year to do it. This involves including the climate estimations and other climatic variables.

The asphalt paving industry’s peak seasons are spring and summer. The explanation for this is simple: asphalt ideally works best when set down during warm weather. Here we will give you an overview of considering the summer or spring season for asphalt paving.

1. Perfect setting times

Asphalt is a tricky material to work with and requires warm weather to do things right. After the asphalt is laid things like lutes, smoothing irons, and steamrollers are utilized. They aid in the flattening of the asphalt and the creation of a smooth surface. The asphalt takes substantially less time to harden when it is laid in colder temperatures. As a result, the chances of ridges and bumps are significantly larger.

2. Increased time to work

Asphalt paving and asphalt maintenance Baltimore is often done by hand where we cannot use steamrollers due to compact areas which means you need longer working time before it is set. Also in summer, we have longer daylight which makes working safe, cheaper, and easy.

3. Sealant dries faster

We apply sealant after the asphalt is placed and it’s still warm particularly for driveways and parking lots. Depending on temperature and humidity, sealant usually takes one to three days to dry. It protects the pavement by coating it in a durable, breathable, hard layer. This coating effectively waterproofs the asphalt, allowing it to last longer.

4. Better asphalt setting

As summer days have persistent warm temperatures of summer days, the asphalt is usually considerably more uniform when poured, resulting in fewer air bubbles. Water seeping into small holes and then air bubbles are two of the most common ways that asphalt is damaged. The best time to install asphalt this way is during the summer when the high temperatures allow for more careful work.

Paving a driveway or a parking lot can be a major financial expenditure. Paving clients want to ensure that their project is successful and that they get the best result possible. If you are thinking of getting a project done for asphalt paving in the summer, do not hesitate to ask for help. J Keen Construction LLC is the best in asphalt paving Annapolis and its surrounding areas. We are ready to answer any query you have or just need some advice, get in touch with us today.

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