Everything You Need To Know About Parking Lot Line Striping Before You Start

Parking lot line striping is not just about appearance or functionality, but also about providing safe parking space for the visitors and customers of a location. To comply with the ADA rules, one also has to earmark some areas for handicap-accessible parking. Clear and visible parking lines give the parking a fresh and orderly look and also show that you care for the people using the parking space.

If you own a business, medical, or commercial center, giving your visitors a safe parking space is essential. Having accurately marked clear parking lot lines will make the parking experience orderly and hassle-free for the visitors. While marking parking lots may seem like a simple thing to do, some planning ahead will help in making the entire process smooth. Here are the things about parking lot striping that you should know before starting.

If you experience any of the following frequently in your parking lot, then it is time to get the parking lines redone:

  • Are visitors frequently parking the vehicles sloppily in your parking lot? Chances are that the parking lines are worn out and not visible.
  • Do you receive complaints that parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities are filled by regular drivers? The case may be that the blue parking lines have faded.
  • Are the parking lines visible in all weather? 

If not, it is time to contact a professional parking lot striping service provider and get it done. There are some preparatory steps to take care of before beginning the parking lot line striping process.

  • Inspect the paving of the parking lot. Check out for any potholes and buckled or cracked sections that need repairing. These must be taken care of before you begin to paint the stripes. 
  • Get your parking lot thoroughly cleaned. Getting rid of trash, debris, and excess dirt will help the striping paint bond well to the paved surface and it will last longer.
  • Shut off the landscaping sprinkler system at least 24 hours before the striping work is scheduled to be done. Keeping the parking lot dry is important for the painting process.

A professional parking lot striping company will do all these tasks efficiently before beginning the painting process. They will walk you through the entire process and can tell you exactly how long it will take to get the job done depending on the size of your parking lot and weather conditions. 

The area to be striping is typically roped off for traffic movement. A line striping machine does the job of applying paint lines very efficiently. Once the lines are marked, arrows showing the direction for movement of vehicles and marking the ADA-compliant parking space are done. On a good sunny day, the process will take a few hours at most, for a decent-sized parking lot.

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