Different Types of Asphalt Paving And Their Benefits: Expert Guide!

There is more to the roads you drive than what meets the eye. When you are driving on a highway you might not think much about how smooth the ride is. But, if you are driving down a road full of potholes, it will probably ruin your day. The thing that makes all the difference to the road here is asphalt paving. Asphalt is the ingredient that makes the road durable, and smooth. It is a semi-solid, sticky petroleum product that binds everything together on the road.

Did you know a majority of American roads have asphalt paving? And different varieties of it are suitable for different conditions. Let us now learn about the few popular varieties of asphalt that are commonly used for paving.

Hot Mix Asphalt
Hot mix asphalt as the name suggests refers to the application process of using this variety of asphalt. It is produced at a high temperature of 320F and must be used when hot as it can be spread across the road or pathway easily. When it cools down, it becomes hard. Hot Mix Asphalt makes durable roads and is widely used to construct high traffic roads like busy highways, airport runways, etc.

Warm Mix Asphalt
The manufacturing and application temperature for warm mix asphalt is about 50 to 100 degrees lower than hot mix asphalt. It has environmental benefits as it consumes less fuel and releases lesser greenhouse gases during manufacturing and application, thereby making it safer for the workers as well. Warm mix asphalt is not as durable as the HMA and is typically used for low-traffic roads.

Cold Mix Asphalt
Cold mix asphalt does away with the need for high temperature altogether. It can be used on the site by just adding soap and water. It finds typical use in smaller projects like patching up potholes, or for doing patches on low traffic roads. It is handy to use it for paving work in the off-season. When properly applied, the repair work can last up to a year

Porous Asphalt
As the name suggests, the paving done by this variety of asphalt is porous which helps to drain off standing water. It is used to pave parking lots and areas where waterlogging and rain are frequent. The water seeps through the paving into an open-graded stone layer and gets slowly drained into the soil below. It reduces the chances of damage to the paved surface by draining away the water. When properly applied and maintained, porous asphalt paving can last up to 20 years or more.

Quiet Asphalt
Quiet Asphalt is commonly used for driveways and roads in residential areas. This variety of asphalt can reduce the traffic noise by up to 7 decibels by dissipating the sound produced by the tires contacting the asphalt surface. Using stone mix quiet asphalt is simpler and more economical than putting up sound barriers.

Perpetual Pavement
With multiple layers, perpetual pavement is the answer to extend the durability and life span of the asphalt paved surface. First, the base layer is applied which is flexible as well as tough and resists cracks caused by traffic movement. The second layer offers the structure and on top comes the smooth and strong layer that makes the whole paving durable. When maintained properly and with restorative care of the top layer periodically, it can last as long as 50 years.

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