Complete Restoration Services for Residential & Commercial Parking Lots Repairs

You cannot avoid complete restoration of existing parking lots and should take care of it regularly. As the concrete repair industry witnesses a steady growth, most of the repair and maintenance work is quite straightforward. You will come across innumerable useful resources from professional technical committees and organizations describing how parking lots can be maintained in good condition so that their service life can be lengthier. But, a professional contractor can do a much better job.

Usually, repair and maintenance activities are dealing with cracks, different kinds of concrete repair, maintaining traffic toppings, applying concrete sealers, and replacing sealants. Although these work items have uniform unit costs, there could be differences in the total repair costs based on the conditions of the sites and how the plan for repair phasing is developed.

Factors affecting the restoration cost

There are several major factors, which can drastically have an impact on the cost of complete restoration of your commercial and residential parking lots:

  • Space availability for repairs
  • Cost analyses of life cycle
  • Particular requirements for egress and ingress
  • Service maintenance level of the parking lot
  • Optimization of operating income

Availability of Space for Repairs

While planning for repair works, the engineer should work very closely with the building’s parking operator or parking manager to ascertain the number of parking spaces, which can be designated as out of service during repair construction at any time. Usually, a majority of restoration contractors would like to access the complete parking lot. Additionally, it would be simpler and cheaper to do it in that manner,

However, for all practical purposes, this may not be possible. It is tough to ignore the consistent demand for parking lots. Also, parking lots generate revenues that have to be maintained. It is useful to be aware of how many parking lots may be made unavailable for service during repair construction at any point. The information should be available with the contractor during the planning phase.

It is imperative to note that the repair works of the concrete floor usually involve multiple parking levels. Apart from the level where restoration dork is going on, the level below that area should be also made unavailable for service so that pedestrians and vehicles can be protected from falling debris.

For many people, parking lots are simply a place to park their vehicles while completing their appointments and errands. However, these lots are an investment for commercial property owners. These parking lots represent potential liability issues, safety concerns, regular repairs, and safety concerns.

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