5 Benefits of Asphalt Milling Compared to Traditional Gravel

There is always an alternative way, a better way, or a cheaper way to build or perform something. What we select, depends upon the priority and budget besides other factors. The selection between asphalt milling (a type of road recycling by grinding the asphalt surface) and traditional gravel is governed by the same set of […]

How Parking Lot Striping Lifts Your Business?

As a business person, taking parking lot stripings lightly isn’t wise. On the contrary, you should ensure that you maintain them in the best condition at all times. They tend to fade away over time because of various elements, including friction by tyres, precipitation, UV rays and other factors. The parking lot line becomes invisible […]

Asphalt Sealcoat, Overlay, or Reconstruction—What Should I Go For?

When your asphalt gets old and wears, it can be hard to know how to proceed. What should I go for? The question is likely to come to mind. Sealcoat, overlay, and reconstruction are the most popular options. Fortunately, the Asphalt Paving Baltimore, Annapolis & Prince Frederick experts have a piece of advice. So, let’s […]