Benefits of Using Roto Millings for the Driveway

Roto Milling Baltimore

Depending on the intended use of the paved surface, paving processes can vary. Rotomilling, also referred to as milling or profiling, is widely used in asphalt paving projects and road reconstructions worldwide. It is the process in which a part of the top layer of the paved surface is removed using specialized equipment. This process of rotomilling can remove any amount of material at a depth of around 1-4 inches to smoothen or level the surface. The asphalt that is removed in the process of rotomilling is known as roto millings or recycled asphalt paving and is reused in many paving projects like roadways, driveways, etc.

There are many reasons why many prefer rotomilling over repaving the surface completely. The process of rotomilling is environmentally safe and sustainable as it poses less hazard to the surroundings. The milling process also helps keep the paved surface leveled even after numerous paving reworks; it also helps keep drainage problems resulting from repaving at bay. Roto Milled surface also makes for a better driving experience and prolongs the driveway’s life. Rotomilling is used when there is a need to change the road level to control clearances of road structures like manholes, guardrail heights, curbs, basin heights, overhead clearances, etc.

Reasons Why You Should Use Roto Millings for Your Driveway:

The main benefit of using roto millings for your driveway is that it is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. You must have heard the terms recycled asphalt or reclaimed asphalt pavement (PAV). They all stand for asphalt millings or crushed asphalt and are used as an aggregate in the paving process. Since it is a recycled material, it is cheaper than virgin asphalt or other aggregates like gravel. Asphalt millings are cheaper because they are available locally and accrue lower transportation costs.

Some of the reasons why roto millings are a better alternative to gravel for driveways are as follows:

  • Driveways made with roto millings are less expensive to maintain.

Traditional virgin asphalt driveways may develop cracks and need resealing. When your driveway is built with roto millings, the need for resealing is not there, and it is a lot easier and cost-effective to maintain the driveway. The roto milling driveway needs some recompacting that a roller can do from time to time. Recompacting is way cheaper than resealing newly paved virgin asphalt surface cracks .

  • They have better resistance to inclement weather.

Roto millings are relatively more porous than paved asphalt and have better drainage. So, they are more suitable for regions that experience harsher weather in terms of rains and snow.

  • They have a better curb appeal.

The use of roto millings in the driveway lends it a rustic look and better curb appeal.

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