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Asphalt milling is the process of grinding up an asphalt surface. This will provide an even surface textured for repaving. Asphalt milling can be completed on any asphalt surface such as commercial parking lots, roads, streets, highways, and in multiple dwelling properties such as residential community parking lots. The asphalt milling process can be used for asphalt surfaces that have surface damage such as cracking, uneven slopes, drainage issues, and other issues. Asphalt milling offers an affordable option for asphalt restoration. While asphalt is milled it is collected, transported and properly disposed of at a recycling facility. The recycled milled asphalt will then be used as aggregate in new asphalt. With this process, asphalt is one of the nation’s most recycled materials. Not sure if asphalt milling is the solution for your needs? J. Keen Construction, LLC can provide a no cost onsite evaluation, provide recommendations and no cost, no obligation proposal.


Why People may need this service

Asphalt milling is needed for many reasons including aging asphalt, asphalt drainage issues, cracked asphalt, asphalt removal, asphalt overlay, ADA compliant issues. The most significant advantage of asphalt milling is to remove cracks, bumps, and other surface abnormalities, paving the way for a smooth area. Asphalt milling saves both time and money as well as being an environmentally friendly option as the asphalt millings are always recycled.

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