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There are many reasons that people may need asphalt paving services.  Including but not limited to, asphalt paving, milling, overlay, potholes, crack filling, repairs and maintenance, line striping, sealcoating, parking lots, roads, highways. We have different solutions to fulfill the needs of our commercial, industrial and municipal cliental.

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J. Keen Construction, LLC is a commercial contractor specializing in asphalt services. When it comes time to pave your road and/or parking lot, there are many different paving options to choose from.One of the most well-known options is asphalt.  Asphalt is the quickest paving method to construct. Unlike concrete, asphalt does not take time to cure, so your road and/or parking lot can reopen after construction is completed. Asphalt provides a smooth surface, which creates a safer ride for drivers while reducing potholes and other damage that could possibly cause damage to vehicles and accidents.Since asphalt is typically black in color, it provides a high contrast between the asphalt itself and road markers. This allows a stronger visibility for drivers in inclement weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow. The black color also absorbs the sun’s rays causing the heat to retain on the surface, thus melting snow and ice much quicker than other surfaces, such as concrete. This results in safer driving conditions during the icy winter months.Between improved visibility and better conditions during any type of weather, asphalt is the safest paving material on the market. We offer business owners, property managers and contractors with full-service paving and milling services for commercial and retail properties, industrial and municipal projects. We have the equipment, dedicated team, expertise and resources to pave and mill any size project, from a parking lot to a highway.

What sets us apart from others

J. Keen Construction, LLC’s state of the art equipment and outstanding workmanship provides the necessary foundation to meet the individual needs of every client. With core values emphasizing on health, safety, reliability and building relationships with our clients, we continue to set new standards in the asphalt and concrete industry. A dedicated Project Manager and Site Team is assigned to each project throughout the entire duration of the project. All work is warrantied beyond industry standards.

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