5 Simple Maintenance Tips To Protect Your Parking Lot

Parking Lot Repair in Baltimore

Parking lots are often the forgotten corners of your properties. Be it residential or commercial, we do not notice changes much. While Asphalt parking lot paving can last for 15-20years, parking lot repair and maintenance is absolutely crucial. Everyday traffic can take a toll on your parking lot. The wear and tear from vehicles coming and going combined with weather changes from season to season can result in cracking, undulation, waviness, and potholes. During the winter months, Baltimore witnessed upto 18.5 in. snowfall. Therefore, parking lot repair in Baltimore MD becomes important from time to time. It is the same for anywhere.

5 Tips For Parking Lot Repair/ Maintenance:

1. Conduct Regular Inspections

Stay proactive and inspect your parking lot regularly for proper maintenance. Walk the parking lot and look for damages such as developing cracks, standing water, or oils and gasoline spillage. The signs may look small but require immediate attention. Repairing small cracks or removing oil stains will always extend the life of your asphalt.

2. Ensure Proper Drainage

Drainage is a huge part of your parking lot paving. We at J Keen Construction, have long experience in both concrete curbs and Asphalt parking lots. In our experience, most damages happen due to poor gutter management. Early summers become the worst for your parking lot if you didn’t check the sealcoating and drainage system prior to the snowfalls. We get a lot of parking lot repair projects in Baltimore for this reason only. Installing a drainage system is essential in avoiding these problems and saving money on expensive maintenance and repairs in the long term.

3. Fill and Seal the Cracks Immediately 

Cracks are bound to appear as a result of weather conditions and heavy traffic. Small cracks do not necessarily indicate Asphalt restoration. Handle the cracks immediately and your parking lot will be in perfect shape for a longer time. Cracks can be of many sorts depending on the damage. Filling and sealing small cracks is far easier than trying to make a large one disappear. In colder months, freeze-thaw cycles will cause the water in cracks to freeze and expand, resulting in an exponentially larger fracture.

4. Sealcoating Is Important

Sealcoating is the process of applying a protective layer to the pavement surface that will protect it from deterioration and restore a black finish to faded asphalt. It is an excellent way to boost the lifespan of the asphalt. Sealcoating services will also improve the appearance of your parking lot and contribute to the curb appeal. This will reduce the chances of water damage and make a huge difference and extend the working life of your asphalt.

5. Clean Up Oil Stains

Engines may leak and spill oil and other harmful chemicals on the parking lot. You can hardly prevent it everytime. Oil stains look very bad on your beautiful asphalt and are very prominent. These also deteriorate your pavement and damage over time. Clean your parking lot and any stain at the soonest possible. If you don’t, it will slowly eat away at the “glue” that holds asphalt and concrete together and result in severe damage.

For parking lot repair and maintenance in Baltimore, Maryland, contact us. We also provide Asphalt Milling, Resurface and Overlay, New Construction Asphalt Paving, Asphalt Repairs, Line Striping, Speed Bumps, Signage, Wheel Stops and Bollards, Curb Cleaning and Painting.

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