5 Benefits of Asphalt Milling Compared to Traditional Gravel

There is always an alternative way, a better way, or a cheaper way to build or perform something. What we select, depends upon the priority and budget besides other factors. The selection between asphalt milling (a type of road recycling by grinding the asphalt surface) and traditional gravel is governed by the same set of parameters.

Here are FIVE reasons making asphalt milling in Baltimore, Annapolis & Prince Frederick a better choice over the traditional gravel.

#1. Enhanced Safety 

Asphalt milling removes the unevenness of the road, and the smooth road surface facilitates the smooth movement of vehicles, which contributes to the safety of passengers along with the vehicle and its tires. Gravel roads are unpaved. The stones are scattered loosely on the ground surface. It makes driving a risky affair, particularly if you are driving at a pace or a beginner. If the road under consideration is to support a large volume of traffic, and it connects with business hubs, hospitals, educational institutions, etc., you should not take the risk, go for asphalt milling only hiring the best service provider in Maryland.

#2. Quick and Easy Setup 

If the fragmented rock pieces on a gravel road do not get enough time to settle during the rainy season, they are likely to get erupted with the movement of vehicles. The loose material from the road surface displaces to the shoulder area and farther from the road, which not only ruins the driving experience but also the investment. Asphalt milling addresses both problems. However, get it done by a certified and experienced asphalt milling company baltimore. The removal of the partial surface of the road pavement has to be done by assessing performance, safety, and budget scenarios.

#3. Cut Transportation Time

If the road is dedicated to fast-moving vehicles as well as heavy ones like trucks and trailers, always bank on asphalt milling. The smooth surface complements your vehicle’s efficiency. Experience a better mileage, which means a reduced cost of transportation. For better response, contact the asphalt milling service provider in Annapolis that can provide ADA-compliant service.

#4. All-In-One Solution 

Asphalt paving addresses a wide range of road issues that traditional gravel does not. Here are some highlighted problems that you can overcome with it.

  1. Raveling: aggregate rocks detach from the binder and stay scattered on the road
  2. Bleeding: the binder (asphalt) leaves the road surface
  3. Rutting: formation of low spots in the pavement along the direction of travel usually in the wheel path
  4. Shoving: a washboard like an effect transverse to the direction of travel
  5. Ride quality: uneven road surfaces such as swells, bumps, sags, or depressions
  6. Damage: resulting from accidents and/or fires

#5. Durability with sustainability

Asphalt is safe, smooth, and durable. At the same time, it’s 100% recyclable. The scraps of the asphalt removed from the road surface are moved to an asphalt recycling facility. It is used as an aggregate in new asphalt pavement. It’s your responsibility to do every bit of yours to keep the planet green and safe for generations to come.

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